13 June 2017

Two-thirds of food shoppers want British-only ‘preference button’

A new survey commissioned by the NFU has found 64 per cent of shoppers want to have the option to view British-only produce when buying food online.

iThe research, carried out by YouGov, came shortly after Farming Minister George Eustice said he was exploring the possibility of introducing a British ‘preference button’.

Four in five adults – 81 per cent – also want to see food retailers provide the same amount of information about a product’s country of origin online as there is on the packaging in store.

And 64 per cent say they ‘always’ (24 per cent) or ‘occasionally’ (40 per cent) look out for British produce when shopping.


NFU president Meurig Raymond said: “Country of origin labelling is important because we know from public surveys shoppers want to buy more British food products produced on British farms. Clearly, shoppers cannot exercise that choice without clear country of origin labelling.

“The NFU is calling for a clear and honest country of origin labelling system in its manifesto for the General Election. We also believe it is good practice for retailers selling online to identify British products on the listing page with a British flag, which makes British products easily identifiable.

“A British filter button would give online shoppers the ability to easily choose British products.”

Credit to: https://www.fginsight.com/news/two-thirds-of-food-shoppers-want-british-only-preference-button-21855