22 May 2014

Rural PLC (Kent) Launches Kent Rural Careers App

Rural PLC (Kent), at their second Annual General Meeting today, unveiled a brand new careers website and mobile phone application for the rural sector.

The system, which has been developed by a Kent based company, identifies possible careers under six major categories: Animal Health and Management, Sales and Media Opportunities, Management, Consultants and Administration, Engineering, Machinery and Technology, Woodland, Countryside and Landscape Management and Food Production and Hospitality.

At the time of launch there will be 165 different searchable careers within the six categories, giving users possible salary ranges and qualifications required.  Each role has a brief description and space for signposting to other organisations for additional information.

Users will be able to tick whether they are interested in this career and this will then be forwarded to the relevant career advice service or further education facility. The app will also encourage them to share results via social media.  In addition, local businesses and enterprises will be able to log in to the system and post job vacancies using the simple online form.  The information will be displayed clearly and simply, where potential applicants can contact the business via the app.  This will trigger an email to the contact name for the job vacancy. This is an opportunity in to link young people with potential employers.

Commenting on the development, Mark Lumsdon-Taylor, a Board Director of Rural PLC (Kent) said, “The Kent Rural Careers App and website is a hub of information provided by experts so young people can search and find possible career paths. There is a huge range of industries, from research and development, production, manufacturing, marketing and finally retail.  Young people may not realise there are so many choices for careers and jobs associated with food and farming.  This app will help navigate the opportunities, salary ranges, skills and qualifications needed”.

It is the belief of Rural PLC (Kent) that the rural economy has demonstrated their potential to provide more growth and employment if given appropriate stimuli and support from national and local business leaders and policy makers.   The app will, by providing information and encouraging young people to look at the potential for a career in the land based sector, allow users to easily identify the type of careers and jobs available together with the potential the rural sector offers.

The website will be launching on 1st July 2014 with the development of an iPhone and Android app to follow.