16 July 2018

New plans to remove ‘bureaucratic headache’ of farm inspections post-Brexit

THE GOVERNMENT IS PROPOSING A SIMPLIFICATION OF FARM REGULATIONS POST-BREXIT, reports Farming UK.  This could include removing the “extra bureaucratic headache” of farm inspections.  The proposals were announced yesterday in an interim report.  The report finds that farmers and regulators alike are exasperated by the demands of regulation, which it calls “unduly precise and inflexible.”  As the UK leaves the EU, there is an opportunity to rebuild trust between the regulating authority and the farmers, which would maintain high standards on farms and support farmers to comply.  The review estimates that 150,000 farm inspections are carried out each year by multiple agencies, and the government is considering a “single field force” to conduct more meaningful inspections, as part of more proportionate and flexible regulation.