17 August 2018

Kent ice cream maker says profits are soaring with UK temperatures

SIMPLY ICE CREAM IS REPORTING SOARING SALES THANKS TO THE HOT WEATHER, reports Produced in Kent.  The Ashford-based business, which supplies Waitrose, Co-op and Morrisons, as well as farm shops, independents and delis across the South East, have revealed a 10% growth year on year, attributing it to the current heatwave.   The company has sold out at every show it has attended.  The favourite of its flavours is honeycomb, which claimed a 36% majority in an unofficial poll, followed closely by salted caramel and vanilla.  Kent’s retirees eat the most ice cream, with 38% choosing it several times a week.  The survey also revealed that insurance workers prefer salted caramel, while dental workers prefer chocolate.