9 February 2017

Kent Rural Careers

As part of the Rural Plc (Kent) initiative the Board of Directors identified careers as a vital part of the rural sector. In particular encouraging young people into rural jobs and informing them of the options available.

Kent Rural careers started as a website. The main focus was to list 148 different careers and categorise to make searching easy.

Animal health & Management

Management, Consultants & Administration

Sales & Media Opportunities

Food Production & Hospitality

Wood, Countryside & Landscape Management

Engineering, Machinery & Technology

As a resource this website will encourage students to understand the jobs available and give them some idea of the skills needed.  Rural Plc developed a short fun quiz to identify the key facets of the different career options and start visitors thinking about their future choices. The website also hosts a number of available jobs in Kent and a relevant blogging platform.

iOS and Android Free Apps

The apps were stage two of the concept with the information contained in the website developed as a native app for both iOS and android.  This allows users to download the app from the app store and have the information available to read on or off line.

On both the website and apps, each career has information, salary expectations and educational requirements. Course information can be found and where possible it is linked to courses at one of the Hadlow Group, you can also search by salary and category.

The apps are available for iOS and android devices by searching Kent Rural careers in either the Apple App Store or on Google Play.  If a visitor is interested in a particular career they can click a button to send an email to jobs@kentruralcareers.com and someone can give them more information.  Users can also apply for jobs via the app and their details are then forwarded to the job vacancy business