1 March 2017

Facebook Chatbot

Facebook continues to take the lead with an influx of 1.5 billion monthly active users worldwide.  The UK makes up 31 million of those users, with 60% of the population having a Facebook account.

The most popular age group is 25-34 (26% of users) but Facebook is a great platform to speak to a mass market of ages and locations. Much younger audiences may be looking elsewhere at private messaging apps such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger and Viber , but there are still 2.5 million 13-17 year olds using Facebook. Facebook’s messaging app has recently reported 800 million monthly active users globally..

The Kent Rural Careers Facebook Messenger Chatbot helps young people find inspiration, with information about the different careers within in the rural sector.  Using the latest Artificial Intelligence platforms, whilst it does not replace careers advisers and careers advice, it represents a clever, intuitive and interactive way to get young people engaged with their options.  We are sure that they will be astounded by some of the options and career paths available.

There is, within the application, a quiz that users can take to signpost them and get them thinking about the skills they already have and what areas interest them.  The Chatbot can ask a series of questions and depending on the answers there are 100’s of different outcomes based on the question/answer pathways.

So you can start by saying hi, hello, greetings, get started this then starts an interaction between you and the chatbot. Based on your questions the chatbot tries to understand what you are asking, the way AI works is that the more people that use it the more the chatbot learns based on patterns and algorithms. So use is helping it to make connections and actually learn…

This chatbot like the apps is free to use and should be used as part of a wider careers initiative.

The whole initiative is supported by Kent County Council, and developed in conjunction with Rural PLC (Kent), this platform can be used as part of the existing current career guidance offering, or to just give young people an idea of the options available to them in the rural sector.  Visit www.kentruralcareers.com or find the application on Facebook or in the app stores.