13 April 2017

Hadlow College may be a wonderful example of how turnaround leads to transformation

Last year Hadlow College was awarded the Institute of Fiscal Turnaround Public Sector Award, beating the KPMG Turnaround Team and the Core Education Trust. This could easily not have been, writes the article – 15 years ago the College was struggling, despite being a specialist institution providing education in some of the County’s most important industries – agriculture and horticulture. In 2005, the College made education history by jumping two grades to “good” in a single inspection, and in 2010 it was reassessed as “outstanding.” The college’s commercial activities have been extended and developed and now include tearooms, farm shops, garden centres, two commercial farms, a garden nursery and a grooming salon, among many others. The income is invested in student provision and Hadlow now has one of the sector’s lowest dependencies on government funding.