23 August 2018

What do the government’s Brexit “no-deal” papers reveal?

THE GOVERNMENT HAS SET OUT “PRACTICAL AND PROPORTIONATE” ADVICE FOR A NO-DEAL BREXIT, INCLUDING GUIDANCE ON FOOD & FARMING, reports the BBC.  Dominic Raab, Brexit Secretary, maintains that a deal remains the most likely outcome, but has published 25 documents of guidance for people and businesses across a variety of areas in case such an eventuality fails to materialise.  The big Brexit question for farmers is not answered in the documents, namely “will there be frictionless trade for the £45bn in agricultural produce we exchange with the EU?”  But one of the papers does cover organic food and highlights the need for a new process of certification.  When Britain leaves the EU, British organic food will have to be certified by UK bodies which will have to be recognised by the EU.  The task of creating such bodies could take up to nine months, and can’t be started until Brexit actually happens in March.