17 August 2018

Gin maker Copper Rivet Distillery warns less grain available after heatwave

COPPER RIVET DISTILLER HAS WARNED THERE IS LESS GRAIN AVAILABLE TO MAKE ALCHOLIC SPIRIT AS A RESULT OF THE HEATWAVE CONDITIONS, reports the Kent Messenger.  The Chatham-Maritime based business said the sunshine has hit volumes of grain, which it ships over from Sheppey.  However, bosses said the extreme temperatures will not lead to a shortage of the spirit and is unlikely to affect prices.  There will be less grain available this year – perhaps as much as 15% less from East Anglia, but the quality is high.  Copper Rivet is one of only 10 gin distilleries in Britain to make its own base spirit, and the only one in Kent that has been 100% made in the county – the company partners with the Burden family.  Wheat, barley and rye are grown in Kent fields before being ground, mashed and distilled on site.