17 August 2018

Family innovation sees UK launch of fruit crisps

PERRY COURT FARM’S FRUIT CRISPS, THE PRODUCT OF A DIVERSIFICATION STRATEGY IN 2011, NOW PRODUCE SALES OF £1.5M PER YEAR, writes the Farmers Guardian.  The Fermor family has farmed at Perry Court, near Wye, since 1947.  They pride themselves on originality and a swift response to emerging trends and, consequently, can boast an impressive exclusivity – namely being the first British producer of air-dried fruit crisps.  The crisps are sold to schools and stocked by health food shops including Holland and Barret.  In a bid to stay ahead of the game, they now produce dried fruit for ingredients manufacturers.  About 25 years ago, the farm stopped growing for supermarkets and started a major drive towards selling straight to the public.  The farm has over 150 heritage varieties of apple – shown at the farm’s annual apple fair in October.  There are also plans to open a restaurant next year, as well as an education centre in due course.  Perry Court farms 180 acres of top fruit, producing a yield of 2,000 tonnes.