3 December 2015

End to Operation Stack

Wednesday, 25 November, 2015

Kent is to get a £250 million investment in its roads to end the misery of Operation Stack, the Chancellor announced today.

Operation Stack brought Kent to a standstill this summer, closing the M20 for 32 days. Patients had operations delayed, lessons started late in schools, businesses saw profits tumble and one 10-year-old girl had to wait and hour and a half for an ambulance after falling off a climbing frame. It cost the country over £250million.

The money will support the development and construction of off road lorry parking close to the M20 in east Kent to relieve pressure on the motorway and free up the roads for people and businesses. The government will consult on a preferred site at Stanford and other alternatives shortly.

The next step will be to get on the case with Highways England and make sure the new lorry parks get built as soon as possible. Not a day must be wasted.

For the Full story and the letter from the Chancellor go to www.helenwhately.org.uk/news/