27 April 2017

Cows cause delays on train line in Kent by gathering on the platform

Commuters in Kent have been treated to an unusual sight after a herd of lost cattle began lining up beside a train platform.

Up to 60 cattle were spotted walking along the track and going into a tunnel between Hever and Ashurst in Kent. Network Rail said it closed all lines while animals were escorted on to the platform at Hever railway station. The cows have now been removed and are safely back in the fields.

The animal’s unexpected appearance at the station sparked train cancellations and delays of up to 30 minutes. A photo taken on Saturday by bystander and student Francesca Ryan, captioned, “Holy cow!”

 Southern issued a statement saying: “A herd of cows (up to 60) are on the line between Hever and Ashurst.
“Network Rail response staff are on site trying to herd the cows back onto the land they escaped from.”

It is not known how they came to be at the station in the first place.

Credit to: https://www.farminguk.com/News/Cows-cause-delays-on-train-line-in-Kent-by-gathering-on-the-platform_46185.html