27 October 2015

Bubbling English wine boosted by new laser data

The county of Kent has had lots of success in recent years with a growing amount of vineyards producing top quality British wine. Kent’s vineyards have the perfect growing conditions for the high quality grapes used to produce the sparkling wines that it is famous for producing. The production of top quality english wines could become a lot easier as recently new laser mapping data is helping growers identify new land to grow more and better quality grapes by monitoring the environment to see the soil condition and environmental information to see the best places to plant the grapes. The announcement on the DEFRA site showed the recent release of 3D LIDAR maps, which were produced by the Environment Agency, will help growers better understand the tiny variations in slope and aspect of their land. When used in combination with other data, growers will be able to pinpoint the best location to plant vines that will thrive, this will enable growers to work out the best areas to grow their grapes in order to produce a top quality wine. Experts have estimated than an extra 75,000 acres of land could be suitable for grape growing in Britain which could increase the industry dramatically. This news comes after a successful few years in the industry as it has been announced that within the English wine industry production has doubled in the last five years with an estimated retail value of £82 million. As well as industry increasing, Britain is now producing high quality grapes which are used to create some of the best wine in the world. The new data should allow the industry to grow further and allow English wine producers to have more knowledge than before when it comes to identifying the best land, methods and time of the year to plant and grow.Experts are hoping that after seeing the area of planted vineyards increasing by over 140% in the last 10 years and a total of 500 vineyards within England and Wales this data could allow the growers to produce better quality grapes and fulfil the growing demand for the highest quality British wines.

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