16 December 2015

Our Aims and Performance

To provide a focal point for the promotion and profile of the rural economy and its value proposition to investors.

What we have achieved since 2013

• Three major events annually with over 500 engaged partners

• Annually produced enhanced data sets

• Live rural calendar

To create a unified portal of business requirements matching career pathways to maximise the job opportunities in the rural sector.

What we have achieved since 2013

  • Launched a web based iOS and Android Careers app
  • Engagement with 100+ businesses, registered on the app
  • Numerous presentations to businesses and key stakeholders

To secure the highest level of investment in the rural sector for Kent

What we have achieved since 2013

• Practical statistically information for Scale Investment Projects

• Leverages investment into two projects in Kent/ Start-ups

• Continual engagement with key investment partners