21 December 2016

4000 new homes approved for South Canterbury

The biggest housing development ever proposed in Canterbury has recently been approved. Canterbury City council has given outline planning permission for the 4,000-home Mountfield Park ‘garden city’ in south Canterbury – the government have recently encouraged new developments to fulfill the growing need for housing. It stretches from Canterbury’s southern edge as far as the village of Bridge and includes shops, office space, sports pitches, two primary schools and a potential new site for Kent and Canterbury Hospital.

Residents will discover the fate of 4,000 new homes earmarked for Canterbury soon, with the council set to recommend the controversial plans. Due to the change such a massive build will bring to the city, a special planning committee has been set for Tuesday (December 13) where the public will be allowed to voice opinions. If agreed upon, the land north and south of Old Dover Road will be transformed!  In order to accommodate the thousands of additional people, a replacement junction on the A2 near Bridge will be built, as well as a new link road with New Dover Road. The plans, which were put forward in March of this year, have understandably divided opinions with residents – with close to one hundred public comments lodged on the proposals.

Those in favour of the development point to a desperate need for new homes in the city – as well as the jobs created due to new businesses opening. Those against the idea, point to the already clogged up roads – and argue the city cannot cope with yet more vehicles- the council has also addressed the issue of additional vehicles claiming the intention is to help transform Canterbury into a ”greener city” less dependent on cars.

The decision will be finalised in the upcoming events after talks and public hearings have taken place.