20 May 2016

The 2016 British Farming Awards

The British Farming Awards highlight the determination and tenacity of British farmers in ever-changing and challenging conditions and climates. The awards are about recognising farmers who are taking positive steps to achieving a bigger and better business thanks to the innovations they have made.

The 2016 Award Categories are;

Agricultural Student of the Year – The award is open to all agricultural students studying in UK, they are looking for individuals who can offer examples of their determination and self-motivation for agriculture and student life.

Arable Innovator of the Year – Perhaps you have adopted new approaches to crop establishment, agronomy, harvesting or storage or pushing your yields to new levels. You may have come up with new ways of marketing your crops or identified new markets to limit the negative impacts of commodity price fluctuations.

Beef Innovator of the Year – The beef innovator award will recognise farmers who are making the most of the opportunities presented to them, whether this is through identifying a new market opportunity or breed, changing feed and husbandry protocols to achieve a different outcome, or looking objectively at breeding decisions.

Contractor Innovator of the Year – Whether you have carved out a niche service, created successful customer relations or worked with fellow contractors to satisfy the needs of farmers, this new award pays tribute to the men and women working round the clock.

Dairy Innovator of the Year – You will be striving to produce milk more efficiently, or perhaps instigating and developing change in core areas including production, health and welfare, nutrition and fertility.

Digital Innovator of the Year – From Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to creating websites and sharing videos, farmers have become savvy in showcasing their personality alongside their business or product. If you are using digital mediums to grow your business or promote the wider industry then enter this exciting new award.

Diversification Innovator of the Year – This award is to respect the fact farm businesses no longer just operate behind a closed gate as farmers look to add value to their enterprise. You might be operating a retail business, tapping into leisure and tourism, pursuing renewables or adding value to an existing product.

Family Farming Business of the Year – You will be able to demonstrate a shared vision of where the business is going and who is responsible for the different areas core to the farm. You can identify short and long term business challenges and work collectively to overcome them and develop new ideas and efficiencies to safeguard the farm’s future.

Farmers Guardian’s Farming Hero – Nominations are now open for the 2016 Farmers Guardian’s Farming Hero award. The farming industry is, among many things, resilient in times of crisis or adversity. This award recognises an individual or group of people who pull together in the hardest of times, strive to make a positive difference to the lives of other people and campaigns to raise awareness to the wider industry and beyond.

Farming Partnership of the Year – A dynamic partnership can form the backbone of many farm businesses. Shared values combined with different skill sets is key to your farm business and its future growth. As well as the traditional family farm partnership, there are now a various business partnership models that underpin a business such as share farming agreements and contract partnerships.

Machinery Innovator of the Year – If you are a forward thinker, farm workshop engineer, tinkerer and above all, innovator- then we want to hear from you.

New Entrants Award: Against all odds – This award welcomes entries from farmers who have had no security of a family farm and have built an enterprise completely from scratch. You will be able to demonstrate resilience, determination, adaptability and have a clear business plan as to how you have grown – or will grow – a successful farm business.

Sheep Innovator of the Year – Are you a farmer who is making the most of the opportunities presented to you? Whether you are altering your production system, changing direction completely or identifying a new market or future.

For more information about the awards or if you would like to nominate, simply enter the details of the person or people you feel should be considered at www.britishfarmingawards.co.uk