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The Voice of Rural Business in Kent

Rural PLC (Kent) is an initiative that aims to demonstrate the true value of the rural sector in Kent, increase awareness of the rural sector and drive investment into the sector with strong returns

Kent’s rural sector has a huge multiplier effect throughout the foodstream with its value demonstrated in its capital, human, financial and resources, as well as its ability to respond to challenge. Within Kent the farming sector alone is worth £5.4bn, employs 85,000 people, and, were it to be viewed as a company, would rank 57th in the FTSE 100.

The Plan

Food, a basic human need… a need that is served by the UK’s most successful home grown sector of recent years, the ‘Multiples’. It is a sector that boasts 4 of the FTSE 100 All Share Index constituents that totals £50 billion of market capitalisation.

Add in the foreign chains and unlisted multiples and this number increases by 50%. A huge employer, a money making machine that is bucking the trend in uncertain times, an investors dream.

Farming is still vital and key

Farming, a sector that boasts no listed companies, represents less than 1% of UK GVA and has fewer than 2% of UK

employment. A tired and outdated sector that was important once upon a time, an investor’s nightmare….

Perception is key to any investment decision. It seems bizarre that a sector such as farming that drives so much of the so called ‘Food Chain’ is confined to the bottom of an investors list. The reality is that farming is the key ingredient in the UK’s food sector. The key ingredient to 1 in 7 UK jobs and GVA of £85 billion. Put simply without farming there is no so called food chain. But how can we change perceptions?

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